What's up?

What is JigTalk

The dating app which knows dating is better when we TALK MORE. Swipe less, cover your face in a jigsaw puzzle, and unveil it piece by piece by exchanging messages. It is time to uncover your lover!

Do I need a Facebook account to log in?

Indeed you do! We require users to ‘Connect with Facebook’ in order to streamline the sign-up process (30 seconds rather than 90 seconds), and to borrow key, validated information. It reduces the risk of catfishers!

Do I need to pay for JigTalk now, or is it free?

Nope. It’s free, and always will be baby!!

We do have some in-app currency, JigTokens, which can be earnt through unveiling jigsaw pieces in chat, or purchased in packs through the jigstore. Spend these golden badboys on premium features such as peepers (which unveil jigsaw pieces before deciding to match with JigTalkers) and new puzzle colour schemes (for even further profile personalisation). That’s only the beginning. Stay tuned!

What is the minimum age requirement?

You need to have been on this earth for 6570 days (that’s 18 years old). We confirm your age through Facebook. If you notice anyone who appears under-age, be sure to report their profile to the JigTeam. This is a dating app, not a school playground!

Why can’t I log in?

Hmmm…. Are you connected to the internet? What about your Facebook account, is it still active? If yes, close the app and try again later. IF the issue persists, delete and reinstall. It’s funny how that works sometimes. And, woah, don’t worry – deleting the app won’t get rid of your matches / messages.

Why does JigTalk need to access my photos?

So you can upload your dazzling smile behind our JigPuzzle. Denied it by accident? Head to ‘Settings’ on your operating system, find ‘JigTalk’ and enable photo access. When you return the app, you’ll be able to upload as normal.

I’m not receiving an SMS verification message?

Right, ok…. Does your SIM card have signal? Did you write in the correct phone number? Our verification text messages, at the moment, may only be sent to UK (+44), IRE (+353), or USA (+1). If that doesn’t help, give it 30 seconds or so, and press ‘re-send’ to receive another message. 2nd time lucky!

JigTalk keeps crashing.

Dum dum dummmm!!! We are terribly sorry about this. Whilst we work around the clock to minimise as many bugs and crashes as possible, for now, try again later.

Check if you have the latest version of the app and that your operating system is up to date. If the issue persists, delete and reinstall. Don’t worry – deleting the app won’t get rid of your matches / messages!

Will I lose my matches if I delete the app?

Nope! Woop woop! Deleting the app won’t delete any of your matches or messages, as long as you don’t delete your account.

How do I add/edit my bio and occupation?

To begin with, let’s start with your bio. To add/edit a maximum of 500 characters:

  1. Tap the cog icon on the top left-hand corner of the home screen.
  2. Tap on ‘Edit’ underneath your puzzled face.
  3. Scroll below your photos on the Edit info screen.
  4. Tap inside the ‘bio’ input box and write something exotic about yourself. The more emojis the better, if you don’t mind us saying.
By default, we show your current occupation as it appears on your Facebook profile, so make sure it’s up to date!

Note: if you recently updated your school / work information on Facebook, the changes may take a couple of days to reflect on JigTalk.

How do I change my age?

This is a tricky one. Due to most people being able to remember their date of birth, and therefore getting it correct on the first time of asking, you are unable to make the change within JigTalk. Delete your account and start over. Remember, deleting your JigTalk account will delete all of your matches and messages. If you wish to proceed, follow the steps below:

  1. Delete your JigTalk account
  2. Update your birth-date on your Facebook profile
  3. Create a new JigTalk account

How do I change my name?

As we use your Facebook info to create your JigTalk profile, changing your name for the purpose of JigTalk must take place through it’s originator, Facebook. The changes will appear on JigTalk in the next few days. Possibly sooner. Possibly straight away. It depends on how Mark Zuckerberg is feeling on the day.

How do I change my puzzle colour scheme?

Head to ‘edit info’, scroll down to underneath your bio entry area, and tap on the ‘colour schemes’ panel. You’ll be directed to a list of colour pallette options, of which you can either select for free (if you’ve purchased with JigTokens already), or purchase of new. Colour changes will take immediate effect to all potential matches as soon as you save and leave this screen.

Changes to my App settings aren’t taking effect!

Check you have the latest version of JigTalk (it’s double-decent). If the issue persists, please try again later or email help@jigtalk.co. We are wickedly quick at responding!

How do I delete my account?

Are you sure you want to do this? If it’s for reasons other than finding ‘the one’, we personally disagree with your decision. If you must… Delete your account through using the option in ‘App Settings’. Think carefully – you will permanently lose your matches, messages and all other info associated with your account.

To delete your account, follow these steps:

  1. Go to ‘Settings’ and then ‘App Settings’
  2. Scroll down and select ‘Delete Account’. Press the confirmation box, and then, bang. Deleted.
Note: if you log in again after deleting your account, you’ll create a new JigTalk account and be required to complete the sign-up process once again. Another note: Deleting the app will not delete your account.

How do I change my password?

JigTalker… Do not dwell over your password situation. JigTalk is a password-free app, made possible through connecting with Facebook.

Note: if you’re ever prompted to change your password, it isn’t us. That’ll be Facebook asking you to do so on their site.

How do I turn off Push and Sound notifications?

Life is full of distractions. We experience thousands of unique pieces of multi-sensory stimuli every single day. Therefore we understand your decision. To do so:

  1. Head to User HUB – App Settings
  2. Flick the switches OFF of notifications you’re not interested in.
Note: By default, in-app sounds are turned OFF. If you switch them back on, you’ll hear retro 8 bit sounds whenever you press buttons and stuff. It’s pretty cool.

Why is my display photo covered in 16 jigsaw pieces?

Because. It’s what’s inside that counts! Use your personality to unveil those pieces, one by one. The more you talk to someone, the more you see of each other’s photo. It’s a certified edge-of-your-seat experience. The most gamified dating app on planet earth. We call it… “The Blind Dating Game”.

How do I add a profile photo?

Uploading a profile photo is a mandatory action during sign-up, and you won’t be able to get jiggy without having one. If at any point you’d like to change this, simply tap ‘Edit info’, and upload from Facebook or your camera roll.

  1. Tap the cog icon on the top left-hand corner of the main screen
  2. Tap on your circular puzzled photo
  3. Tap on the big photo at the top of the screen (above the three photos below)
  4. Upload!
  5. Get Puzzled.
Note: Profile photos must be uploaded within a facial guideline. An optimum for this is a head and shoulders shot.

Why was my profile photo upload rejected?

Unfortunately, most likely, our facial recognition tool couldn’t spot your face. Unsuitable profile photos include those of which:

  • - Are too pixelated
  • - Shows the face too small/large (place your face within the oval guideline)
  • - Don’t contain both eyes, nose & mouth
  • - Don’t contain a face
  • - Have more than one face within the guideline

The puzzle doesn’t cover my face properly…

Whoopsie Daisie! Try uploading positioning and scaling your photo one more time, and, if the puzzle still looks wonky after the reupload, upload a different photo or email us at help@jigtalk.co.

Why was my profile photo upload rejected?

  1. - Are too pixelated
  2. Ensure that you have the latest version of JigTalk.
  3. If you’re having trouble uploading from Facebook, make sure that your photos are visible to friends/public. Private photos might not upload to JigTalk.
  4. Make sure you grant JigTalk access to your camera roll.

Can I send a photo to someone?

No chance! Sorry! That would defeat the purpose of the game!

How do I discover JigTalkers?

Your home screen is where you’ll find all JigTalkers that match your discovery criteria (age/max distance away from you). One JigPuzzled profile at a time, swipe left (no) or right (yes), based on everything BUT their face! We recommend reading their bio by pressing on the bottom grey strip of the card, and using peepers for a hint of who is behind that puzzle.

How do I hide myself from other JigTalkers?

You won’t be visible to other users if you deselect the Discovery switch within the ‘Discovery Settings’ screen. Don’t worry though, you can still see and chat with your existing matches.

How do I report a JigTalker without matching them?

Hopefully they aren’t causing too much trouble! You see those three white dots overlaying the bottom right of their photo? Tap it. An option to report them to the JigTeam will appear at the footer of the screen. We’ll do the rest.

I accidentally liked/disliked a JigTalker, can I go back?

Sadly, once you make a decision on a JigTalker, there’s no instant rewind. Not yet, anyway. You never know… it may be for the best. Destiny! Fate! Fortune!

Can I message someone I haven’t matched with?

Unfortunately not jiggers. Only users who have anonymously indicated a mutual interest in one another, and therefore matched as a consequence, are able to get jiggy with one another. The scientific term is ‘mutual opt-in functionality’.

I can’t find any JigTalker...

You know that cog icon on the top left-hand corner of the main screen? Tap it as vigorously as you deem suitable. Head to ‘Discovery Settings’, and try increasing the distance and age range. Still having problems? We’ve got a funny feeling that you’re one of the first EVER JigTalkers in your area. We’ll be launching in your hood soon, don’t worry! Bare with us!

How do I see my profile card as it appears to others?

After your 10th profile view, we’ll show you your own profile within the discovery results as though you have existentially removed yourself from your body, and are looking at yourself in the eyes of a potential nearby match

How do I unmatch someone?

First of all, as 99.99% of you will probably already assume, you can only unmatch someone that you have already matched with.

Swipe left on his/her name on your JigTalks list, and, tap the red ‘remove’ button which springs onto screen. Tapping on that will disappear you from user B’s matches; they won’t be able to message you anymore; and they will also disappear from YOUR matches. Mmmm… The sweet smell of terminated relationships.

Can I unblock someone?

Blocking is a permanent action, and occurs in tandem with reporting the user to us. Even if you have a hardcore change of heart, unfortunately you can’t unblock.

I lost all my Matches!

Extremely unusual indeed. This may be a temporary occurrence, so, close and re-enter JigTalk at a later time. Try logging out and logging back in if the issue persists. Tap the cog icon on the top left-hand corner of the home screen, select ‘App Settings,’ scroll down and hit ‘Logout.’

Note: If only one or two of your Matches disappeared, they either unmatched you or deleted their account. Sorry to be the bearer of bad news!

One of my Matches disappeared.

We have some bad news for you… It sounds like that JigTalker either unmatched you or deleted their account. Tap the icon on the top left-hand corner of the main screen, select ‘App Settings’, scroll down and hit ‘Logout’, then log back in, just to be sure.

How does JigTalking work?

Exchange messages to earn each other’s photo, piece by piece. One message set equals one jigsaw piece from each JigTalker’s puzzle. When you’ve sent 8 sets of messages each, and all 16 pieces have unveiled…. Boom. It’s time to view up to three extra photos, and, most importantly… Get jiggy with it in real life.

Which jigsaw pieces are unveiling from my photo?

The exact same ones as the JigTalker you’re getting jiggy with. So, don’t worry, they haven’t unveiled all 4 of your middle pieces without you knowing!

I’m seeing the same icebreaker questions!

Ugh. Sounds like that long lost uncle who always cracks the same joke. This isn’t good. Notify us at help@jigtalk.co and we’ll see why this issue is occurring for you. The chances of this happening randomly are just far too low!

Can I message someone I haven’t matched with?

Nope. Sorry! Only JigTalkers who have indicated a mutual interest in one another are allowed to chat. Until then, you can only practice your cheesy chat up lines to yourself.

How can I zoom in on the JigTalker’s puzzle progress?

The technology we’ve used to execute the following function is truly revolutionary. It’s before it’s time. A world first. Never before seen! Game-changing! Rule-breaking! Tectonic-plate shifting!

…Only joking! Tap on their photo to view their profile full screen. Simples!

My messages aren’t going through.

Ding Darn Dangity! How’s your internet connection looking? You aren’t standing in the middle of a field are you? If it’s good, then, this is probably a temporary issue. Close and re-enter JigTalk at a later time. Have a peek at @JigTalk_ on Twitter for updates (We might be in the middle of some maintenance).

Jigsaw pieces aren’t unveiling.

You are exchanging messages, right? No matter how many messages you send in one go, you’ll only unveil ONE jigsaw piece at a time until you receive a response.

If indeed you are both exchanging messages, then… This negative news deeply concerns us. Our core functionality…. Squandered through glitchiness. Get in touch with help@jigtalk.co and we’ll break an arm and a leg in trying to rectify the issue for you.

Rejig your love life.

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