Talk to the jig team


- What is JigTalk?

- How does JigTalk work?

- What’s the difference between a like and a message?

- How many photos can you add to your profile?

- Can you only upload photos with your face?

- What are the rules on JigTalk?

- Can all sexual preferences use JigTalk?

- Why does JigTalk exist?

Profile & Account

- How do I sign up to JigTalk?

- Can I sign up to JigTalk through Facebook?

- How do I update my age, gender or name on the app?

- How do I change my puzzle colours?

- How do I turn off/on my notifications?

- How do I delete my account?

- Why can’t I delete my main picture?

- How do I add more photos to my profile?

Matching & Talking

- Can I search for a specific person on JigTalk?

- Can I undo a swipe?

- How do I see who likes me?

- Why do some profiles have jigsaw pieces missing?

- I’ve sent tons of messages, why aren’t jigsaw pieces aren’t unveiling?

- Why aren’t my messages going through?

- How do I find other people on the app?

- How do I hide myself from other people on the app?

Safety, Security & Privacy

- I can’t login.

- Something that happened on JigTalk.

- Something that happened offline.

- Someone is or I am being impersonated.

- Does JigTalk have a customer support phone number?

- Safe Dating Advice

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