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London’s Top 20 Date Destinations

London’s Top 20 Date Destinations

Boom. Done.  Final dating app message sent and you’re penciling your potential BAE into the calendar. It’s on baby… And you better not f*ck this up. Questions somersault around your brain. You pause. Heart-beat drops tempo. ‘What is the most important question of them all?’ you ask yourself. ‘What question am I, a London-living single person yet to consider?’.

…Well, in our opinion, it’s where you’re actually going to go on that date! Whether it’s your 1st date together, or even your 71st, don’t you worry. The JigTeam has put together a list of kick-butt venues and activities sure to impress, so all you have to worry about is keeping the conversation flowing, having fun, and not spilling a drink over yourself.


Coffee & Brunch

Look Mum No Hands

Look Mum No Hands

Look Mum No Hands (not advisable to say whilst riding a bicycle with a puzzle covering your face) is your one-stop shop for everything ranging from local craft beer, to eco-friendly wine, to, as you may have guessed, bicycle workshops. Subject to not needing stabilizers (slight turn off), how about you spend your date having a leisurely bike ride around London, ending it here?  Whether it’s food that makes you realise why you love life, or coffee from local roasters Square Mile, keep your fingers crossed for good weather so you can sit outside in their glorious garden and keep your eye out for events held at both their Old Street workshop and kitchen, covering everything from basic bicycle maintenance courses, to knitting workshops. Maybe you could make a scarf whilst doing a wheelie!

  • Address: 49 Old Street, London , EC1V 9HX
  • Phone: 020 7253 1025
  • Opening Hours:
    Mon – Fri: 7:30am–10pm
    Sat –  8:30am–10pm
    Sun – 9am–10pm
  • Closest Tube Station: Old Street
  • Facebook / Twitter / Instagram


Londoners, Londoners, Londoners, famously up against time in the hustle and bustle of the city. For those of you in that Live Fast Die Young category, why not meet for an express date over a coincidentally named espresso? Okay, fair enough, maybe not the most romantic option, but, let’s face it, dating is a numbers game. You could technically fit 144 ten minute dates into your day. So, escape the workplace, dose yourself with flirtation and caffeine, and, if all goes well, it’ll make the remainder of your shift that little bit sweeter. Quirky, quick and, in our opinion, Australian inspired coffee you will tell your grandchildren about.

  • Address:15 Eastcastle Street W1T 3AY or 66 Great Titchfield Street  W1W 7QJ
  • Phone: 020 37305878
  • Opening Hours:
    Mon-Fri 7.30am – 6.00pm
    Sat 8.30am – 6.00pm
    Sun 9.00am – 5.00pm
  • Closest Tube Station: Oxford Circus or Tottenham Court Road


Housed in a former bank, but, with a slightly different aesthetic to your average Natwest branch, London Grind is a buzzing riverside espresso bar, cocktail bar, and restaurant. Serving everything from early morning coffee (which you’ll be feeling til 5pm), after work cocktails (Tip: try their coffee based ones), dinner to tantalize the tastebuds, or, even a cheeky weekend brunch. If you can’t make it to their London Bridge location, luckily for you mate they have other outposts dotted across the city. Good vibes, gooder coffee, and even gooderer food.

  • Address: 2 London Bridge, London, SE1 9RA
  • Phone: 020 3019 7178
  • Opening Hours:
    Mon- Fri: 7:30am – 5:30pm
    Sat & Sun: 9am – 5:30pm
  • Closest Tube Station: London Bridge
  • Facebook/Twitter/Instagram


Prufrock… Bit of a mouthful, yeah, but very much worth verbalising to your potential loved one, considering how damn good that coffee is pouring into your cup. Served from London based coffee roaster, Square Mile, with European roasters on rotation, these frock ‘n’ frollers offer a delicious range of seasonal, home-cooked food for breakfast/lunch, and, trust in the word of the Jig, their baked goods are absolutely, categorically, without one shadow of a doubt, double decent. Freshly made daily in their bakery downstairs, get your backside down there and go heavy on the croissants!!

  • Address: 23-25 Leather Lane, London, EC1N 7TE
  • Phone: 0207 242 0467
  • Opening Hours:
    Mon – Fri: 7:30am-6pm
    Sat – Sun: 10am-5pm
  • Closest Tube Station: Farringdon
  • Facebook/Twitter/Instagram

The Attendant

In most situations, we wouldn’t advise turning your head to break ice with a stranger at the urinals. Although, The Attendant is a bit different. Based in the heart of Fitzrovia, this former Victorian public loo has been transformed into one of London’s top coffee & brunch cafes. The original porcelain pee-pots have been restored and cleaned harder with ultimate elbow grease (and bleach), consequentially becoming the cafe’s main feature. Serving seasonal home-style breakfast, brunch and lunch menus daily until 4pm, along with their seasonal espresso roasted at The Attendant Roastery, the icing on the cake has to be the single origin coffees from around the world. They make Kenco/Nescafe taste like used dishwasher water in comparison.

  • Address: 27a Foley Street, London, W1W 6DY
  • Phone: 0207 580 3413
  • Opening Hours:
    Mon- Fri: 7:30am – 5:30pm
    Sat: 9am – 5:30pm
    Sun: 9am- 5.30pm
  • Closest Tube Station: Goodge Street
  • Facebook/ Twitter/Instagram

Restaurants & Bars

My Neighbours the Dumplings

My Neighbours the Dumplings, a derogatory statement when said in most contexts, offers, you guessed it, freshly handmade dumplings, alongside small bites and sake, all with a chilla-chilla laid back vibe. Intimate seating overlooks an open kitchen, alongside a homely garden area hanging lanterns which, if you stare at them for long enough, until you lose focus, look like fireworks in the distance. Try it, it’s fun.

Either technologically old-school, or, busier than a rush-hour Virgin Train to Leeds, there isn’t a booking system, so, there may be a short wait for a table my mate. But! All is not lost. That gives the perfect opportunity for you and your date to sample some Saké (don’t worry, we had to Google it too) in the 70’s themed bar. Keep an eye on the events page of their website as they often have live bands on in the evening and even a movie club on Sundays. Just make sure you don’t behave in the same way as your standard Netflix and Chill….

  • Address: 165 Lower Clapton Road, Hackney, London, E5 8EQ
  • Opening Hours:
    Tues – Thurs: 6pm – 10.30pm
    Fri 6pm – 11pmSat 5pm – 11pm
    Sun 5pm – 9.30pm
  • Phone: 020 3327 155
  • Facebook/Twitter/Instagram

The Modern Pantry

The Modern Pantry, no, is not just for out-of-breath moderners in nothing but their underwear. This casual New Zealand style dining space serves breakfast, lunch, and dinner (the three different genres of dinner, by the way) with classic heritage features and contemporary design creating an intimate atmosphere for you and your romance. If the weather permits, enjoy an afternoon tea with bubbles on the St Johns Square terrace at the front of the restaurant – Thank us later!

  • Address: 47-48 St John’s Square, Clerkenwell, London, EC1V 4JJ
  • Phone: 020 7553 9210
  • Opening Hours:
    Mon: 8am – 11am | 12pm -10pm
    Tues-Fri: 8am – 11am | 12pm – 10.30pm
    Sat: 9am – 4pm | 6pm – 10.30pm
    Sun: 9am – 4pm | 6.30pm -10pm
  • Closest Tube Station: Farringdon
  • Facebook / Twitter / Instagram

Nordic Bakery


Cancel that RyanAir flight to Sweden! Slap bang in Covent Garden, Nordic Bakery is ideal for a central lunch date, or, even a coffee and a snack to refuel after shopping on the infamously hectic Oxford Street (which is being pedestrianized soon, by the way, thank God). Word on the street is that the cinnamon buns here are nothing short of ‘historic’. In fact, in some instances, according to urban legend, dozens of people on their death bed have proclaimed ‘Those Nordic Bakery Cinnamon Rolls” as their final utter of breath. To boil it down, if you and your date want a simple, good quality food stop in central London, Nordic Bakery hits the bullseye every time.

  • Address: Various throughout central London – Covent Garden, Soho, Marylebone, Baker Street
  • Opening Hours: dependant on location
  • Facebook/Twitter/ Instagram


Yes, this place sounds like a rare breed of plant-based Pokemon, we know. But, actually, Dishoom is a curry house, and, it is not your every day local curry house either. Styled on the old post-colonial ‘Irani cafés’ of Bombay, with 5 locations across London, you’ll be spoiled for options as to which branch to take your date to. Maybe have starters at one. Main at another. Dessert at the next. Probably not our most practical advice ever, but, we can’t be on the money every time, right? Serving modern Indian food with a twist, the price point is on point (play on words), and the execution of the dishes is… well.. Dishalicious.

Far from dishastrous!

  • Various locations: Kensington, Shoreditch, Kings Cross, Carnaby, Covent Garden.Opening Hours: Dependant on location
  • Telephone: 020 7420 9320
  • Facebook/Twitter/Instagram


Please read this paragraph whilst imagining a tiny angel baby with wings strumming the harp elegantly. Do you fancy yourself as somewhat of a romantic? I mean, do you buy flowers without an occasion-derived obligation, or, what about sprinkling LoveHeart sweets onto your pillow before making love? Well, if so, take your date to this cosy French restaurant, which we believe epitomizes the romantic vibe you live your life by. Blanchette serves authentic French cuisine in an atmosphere so snug, so warm, so aromatic, that you’ll be struggling to stay awake after demolishing your din dins. Choose a bottle of wine to share from the French only wine menu and you can pretend you’re in a Parisian restaurant rather than in busy Soho. Who said romance was dead?

  • Address: 9 D’Arblay St, Soho, London W1F 8DR
  • Opening Hours:
    Mon-Sat: 12–11pm
    Sun: 12–9pm
  • Telephone: 020 7439 8100
  • Closest Tube Station: Oxford Circus
  • Facebook/Twitter/Instagram

The Sun Tavern

‘Ambience’. A buzz word in the film-industry, and, now, held in the highest priority by the lighting loving, volume tuning Sun Tavern, creating what results in an intimate and relaxed spot to pull your conversational best out of the bag. Their cocktail list is classically inspired, and the guys on the bar are experienced enough to take you down the worm-hole that be off-menu-items should you have any special requests. If cocktails aren’t your thing, which, happens to be the case for male chickens also, this place works with local independent brewers to ensure a great range of beer on tap. We look through our calendar, and, Takeover Tuesdays are a highlight, with beers available at just £3 a pint – great for dates just before payday. Kerch’ing!

P.S – Keep an eye out for impromptu free whiskey tastings from brand ambassadors, these are always fun to get involved with and are perfect for breaking the ice on a date. Just don’t go over-board. You know what will happen…. We’ve all been there.

  • Address: 441 Bethnal Green Road, London, E2 0AN
  • Phone: 020 7739 4097
  • Opening Hours:
    Sun-Weds: 12pm-12am
    Thus- Sat: 12pm-2 am
  • Closest Tube Station: Bethnal Green
  • Facebook/Twitter/ Instagram

The Magic Roundabout

Remember that mind-bending psychedelic tunnel scene from the original Charlie and the Chocolate Factory film? Well, this place has that vibe, but without Willy Wonka proclaiming a poem at the top of his voice. The Magic Roundabout is located slap bang whallop in the middle of Old Street Roundabout, and is accessed via a secret staircase in Old Street station. Don’t say we told you!

Not the only reason it made it onto our list, TMR totally transforms itself every six months. I know. Cool right? It’s currently in a decades theme, where each section of the venue has been transformed into a 60’s, 70’s or 80’s aesthetic. Although, don’t go getting any ideas gentlemen reading this, this theme does not give you the permission to walk in sporting a mullet. During the summer months, the venue is transformed again, and half of the roof is taken off so those within can enjoy feeling the sun on their faces while they tuck into food from one of the rotating food trucks.

Maybe this place is more like Willy Wonka’s chocolate factory than we first thought…

  • Address: Old Street Roundabout, London, EC1Y 1BEWinter
  • Opening Hours:
    Mon & Tues: Closed
    Weds: 4pm-11pm
    Thurs – Sat: 12pm-11pm
    Sun: 1pm- 10pm
  • Phone: 07494 029 420
  • Closest Tube Station: Old Street
  • Facebook/Twitter/Instagram

Boundary Rooftop

If you’re looking to pull out all the stops for your date (without staying stationary at all of the green lights on the drive there) it doesn’t get much more impressive than Boundary’s Rooftop. Cuddle up (without being cringe) and sip a cocktail or two by their wood burning fire, or under the heaters in their orange terrace surrounded by panoramic views of East London. Boundary’s Rooftop oozes grown-up style and elegance. Inhale deeply and you will smell the footballers.

HINT: Go at sunset for an extra romantic vibe. The sky may even turn purple!

  • Address: Entrance on Redchurch Street, 2-4 Boundary Street, London E2 7DD
  • Opening Hours:
    Mon to Thurs: 4 pm till late
    Fri to Sun: 11:30 am till late
  • Telephone: 020 7729 1051
  • Closest Tube Station: Old Street
  • Twitter/Instagram

The Nightjar

We have a few jars in the JigTalk office, which, confuses us, as we’re allowed to open them in the daytime, too. The Nightjar is a dimly lit ‘speakeasy’ bar, like something out of the Godfather film, found neatly placed between a café and a takeaway behind a mysterious wooden door (keep your eye out for a small gold Nightjar placard). This critically acclaimed spot will transport you and your date to a world of smooth live jazz, innovative cocktails and old-school glamour. Game on!

  • Address: 129 City Road, London, EC1V 1JB
  • Opening Hours:
    Mon-Wed: 6am-1am
    Thurs: 6pm–2am
    Fri & Sat: 6pm–3am
    Sun: 6pm–3am
  • Phone: 020 7253 4101
  • Closest Tube Station: Old Street
  • Facebook/Twitter/Instagram

Bob Bob Ricard

We’ve all seen Bob Bob Ricard’s infamous ‘Press for Champagne’ button on Instagram but why not get the satisfaction of pressing it IRL. Maybe the waiters/waitresses should wear it as an interactive badge, or something? Hmmm… Anyway. Whether you want fancy drinks or delicious food, Bob Bob Ricard has got the lot. We recommend pairing your champers with some Jersey Rock Oysters if you’re feeling extra fancy. Maybe put them into a bowl together, for some alcoholic seafood cereal!

  • Address: 1 Upper James St, Soho, London W1F 9DF
  • Opening Hours:
    Mon-Wed: 12:30–3pm, 6pm–12am
    Thurs & Fri:12:30–3pm, 5:30pm–1am
    Sat: 12:30–3pm, 5:30pm–1am
    Sun: 12:30–3pm, 5:30pm–12am
  • Phone: 020 3145 1000
  • Closest Tube Station: Leicester Square
  • Facebook/Twitter/ Instagram


Hire a pedalo in Hyde Park

Water bout hiring a pedalo in Hyde Park? Subject to you not falling in, desperately clawing the sides of the pedalo to get out, this could be a bit of a no-brainer. For £10 each you can hire a boat and peddle on the serpentine for a whole hour. 60 minutes! 3600 seconds! You get bonus points for bringing a picnic to eat in the park afterward.

NOTE: Pre-packed sandwiches do not count!

  • Address: 1a Goldsmiths Row, London, E2 8QA
  • Phone:  0300 061 2000
  • Closest Tube Station: Hyde Park Corner or Knightsbridge

Hackney City Farm

A bit of greenery in East London? That’s right. A bit of greenery in East London. Bond with your beauty over petting the animals, and go for a coffee in their onsite cafe Frizzante. You can even pick up some fresh eggs to take home for breakfast the next day. Maybe your date will eat them with you? *wink wink*

  • Address: 1a Goldsmiths Row, London, E2 8QA
  • Opening Hours: Tues – Sun: 10am – 4.30pmPhone: 020 7729 6381
  • Closest Tube Station: Hoxton or Cambridge Heath Overground
  • Twitter

Camden Market

Tired of asking “What shall we have for dinner tonight?” as you gormlessly wander around the supermarket? Or, are you simply yet to discover which type of food your date is into yet? Head to Camden Market. There’s more choice there than scrolling down Deliveroo for 4 hours.

  • Address: Camden Market, Camden Lock Place, London, NW1 8AF
  • Opening Hours: Everyday 10 am – Late
  • Phone: 020 7729 6381
  • Closest Tube Station: Camden Town, Chalk Farm or Camden Road
  • Facebook/Twitter/Instagram

Columbia Road Flower Market

After you’ve had a look down the flower market itself and all the delightful boutiques lining the street, go and explore the small streets that come off Columbia Road. You are bound to find some hidden gems, like Lee’s Seafood, for instance. This un-decorated storefront on Columbia Road serves up Lee’s legendary seafood and the best Cumberland sausage rolls. The recipe for a perfect chilled Sunday date in London, if you ask us. Just don’t get pastry all over your face!

  • Address: Columbia Rd, London, E2 7RG
  • Contact: info@columbiaroad.info
  • Winter Opening Hours: Sundays from 8 am- 3 pm (ish)
  • Closest Tube: Old Street
  • Facebook/Twitter

Kew Gardens

Hop on a tube (which does not imply you should dress as a bunny rabbit) and head 30 minutes out of central London to spend a day at the blissful Kew Gardens. Seriously, it’s jaw-dropping. Eye-ball popping! In fact, you’ll feel the same way about it as you do for your date standing next to you, hopefully. If you require a much needed break from the bricks and bustle of city life,get lost in these beautiful green surroundings. It’s like something out of a fairytale!

  • Address: Richmond, TW9 3AB
  • Phone: 020 8332 5655
  • Opening Hours: 10am – gardens close at 4.15pm (last entry 3.45pm)
  • Closest Tube Station: Kew Gardens
  • Facebook/Twitter/Instagram

So, there we have it, singletons. Hope this helps. As we said in paragraph 1…. Don’t f*ck this up!! But, if you do… it’s all good. Download JigTalk…

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