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How to Tell if They’re Single

How to Tell if They’re Single

You’re single. You washed your hair and pressed “Going” to the Facebook event invite. You’ve completed every step of getting ready to go out, but there’s one thing you can’t be sure of: will I meet a cute single tonight? Or maybe several? As a self-diagnosed millennial or maybe even ‘Young professional’, you probably won’t be able to guess any new acquaintance’s relationship status via their ring finger, but there are some more helpful signs to tell if someone is single:

Talking all things dating

Your first significant conversation with a stranger will probably reveal at least one of these things: their occupation, their hometown, or their relationship status. “My boyfriend and I…” “My partner and I…” is an innocent sentence starter, but it’s all you need to be sure they’re happily in a relationship. The happier and more stable the relationship is, the more likely you are to hear about it – people love to show off their significant others!

Eye contact

If you’re a singleton at an event or social gathering, you’re probably already doing this anyway; looking for people to connect with and probably making some eye contact along the way. So if your eyes meet with a stranger’s at your next event, and they’re not just trying to read a far-away sign – take it as an invitation to say hello!

Interested body language

Body language is a fascinating topic to anyone. If you haven’t googled “does he like me” and then watched where your crush’s feet point towards for the next two weeks, you’re lying. While positive body language may not always show someone’s single status, it’ll certainly be clear whether the person is enjoying your company and conversation. Some of these signs include facing towards you; copying your gesture or stance; gesticulating a lot; or simply being open, not crossing their arms or legs. So if someone has become your mirror image, they’re probably into whatever you’ve got going on.

Asking for socials or contact details

A surefire sign that someone enjoys your company is that they ask to spend time with you again. So if your new friend wants your insta handle, snapcode or number to make future plans, they specifically want to spend time with you, and who knows where that could lead? Just as long as it’s not LinkedIn they’re inviting you to connect on. Nobody wants to be chatted up on LinkedIn.

They outright ask!

If all else fails… ask outright! “Are you single?” no matter how well-intentioned can sound quite creepy, so we recommend bringing up dating as one of your hobbies. We recommend: “I’m listening to this dating podcast at the moment…” (and oh boy, are there plenty for you to listen to). Anyone currently dating won’t be able to resist telling you their cute dating app story from last week, so be brave and find out for certain whether this person is single or not. At worst, you’ll have made a new friend, and that’s not so bad now is it? 😉

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